Compania Espanola de Seguros de Credito a la Exportacion (Spain)

CESCE is a Public Limited Company owned primarily by the Spanish State and by the country's leading banks and insurance companies.

The corporate object is to insure companies against the risks of non-payment stemming from the sale of their products and services on both the domestic and the foreign markets.

Our Expertise

  • Domestic Market
  • Foreign Market
  • Both Markets
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    28001 Madrid

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    Established in 1970 with the primary aim of facilitating the internationalization of Spanish companies, at the beginning of the 90s the Company launched a business management policy of expansion and diversification, extending its field of business to the domestic market and opening up to markets and sectors related to the primary activity through various wholly and partly-owned subsidiaries.

    Currently, CESCE continues to hold the leading position on the export credit insurance market, and business operations insured on the domestic market account for more than 50% of the total insured.