Exportkreditnämnden (EKN)

The Export Credits Guarantee Board is Sweden’s official export credit agency. The government’s directive to EKN is to promote Swedish exports by issuing guarantees. The guarantees that it issues to companies and banks are provided on a strictly commercial basis. EKN’s board and director general are appointed by the government.

Our Expertise

EKN offers credit guarantees, guarantees for bank products and contract guarantees, as well as guarantees in connection with Swedish investments abroad. EKN’s mandate is to provide guarantees that are competitive in relation to what other export credit agencies offer, without being so generous as to subsidize Swedish exports. The financial strength it possesses by virtue of being part of the state means that EKN can go a long way on high-risk markets. It also enables EKN to underwrite numerous transactions, or single very large transactions, on a particular market, even though this might throw EKN’s risk exposure out of balance.

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