Taipei Export-Import Bank of China

Taipei Export-Import Bank of China is a government-owned bank offering export credit insurance, a re-lending facility and other financing facilities. The Bank also provides political risk insurance services to guarantee foreign investment originating from Taiwan.

Our Expertise

In addition to export credit insurance and a re-lending facility, the Bank also offers Overseas Investment Credit Insurance services. This scheme covers capital invested in foreign enterprises, as well as stock dividends or bonuses acquired abroad, against various political risks (e.g., expropriation, nationalization, confiscation, war, revolution, insurrection, inconvertibility or transfer restrictions etc.). The term of coverage is usually five to seven years, and may be extended to a maximum of ten years.

The Taipei Export-Import Bank of China also offers Overseas Construction Credit Insurance services, which provide protection against political or commercial loss suffered by a contractor after completion of both the supply of equipment and construction contracts in locations overseas.

Taipei Export-Import Bank of China
8th Floor, 3 Nanhai Road,
Taipei 100
Taiwan Republic of China

Tel. 886-2-23210511
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The Taipei Export-Import Bank of China was established in 1979 with the aim of facilitating the export and import trade of Taiwan through offering export credit insurance, re-lending and other financing facilities.